Desserts, Treats and Bakery Favorites

Our menu is constantly evolving with new items. These favorites include bakery standards such as brownies, blondies, individual desserts, scones, croissants, French macaroons, muffins, cookies and cream filled sandwich cookies, and more. Our customers also love our unique take on Ding Dongs and Pop Tarts, both of which are generously sized with lots of filling.

Cookies and Cream Filled Cookies

cream filled cookie
cream filled cookie
cream filled cookie
cream filled cookie

Pop Tarts and Ding Dongs

pop tart breakfast item
ding dong dessert cake
ding dongs are a classic favorite
everybody loves pop tarts

Bite Sized and Single Serving Treats

dessert bites 1
dessert bites 2
dessert bites 3
dessrt bites 4
small bites desserts 5
small dessert bites 6
dessrt bites small 7
dessert bites 8
dessert bites 9
dessrt bites 10
small dessert bites 11
try our small dessrt bites 12

Other Assorted Favorites

assorted dessert favorites 13
assorted dessert favorites 14
assorted dessert favorites 15
assorted dessert favorites 16
dessert favorites 17
dessert favorites 18
dessert favorites 19
dessert favorites 20
dessert favorites 21
dessert favorites 22
dessert favorites 23
dessert favorites 24